OSU Game - Rawhide Frontier

The year is 1863. The flames of civil war are still raging in the east, and you are the mayor of a frontier town in America’s Wild West. You explore and conquer the unforgiving dessert wasteland, encountering other towns and other mayors—all competing for the same precious resources. Outlaws, cowboys, crooked deputies and many others are invading your territory, looting your lands. You must fight for your right to live. You train a powerful army of cutthroat warriors to ward them off, knowing that, when the day is finally won, only one nation can stand alive beneath the setting sun of this Rawhide Frontier.

  • Fast-paced, multiplayer Real Time Strategy (RTS) game
  • Unique Wild West theme
  • Over a dozen different units and buildings
  • Hire new townsfolk to mine gold to build up your frontier township
  • Assemble an army of outlaws and lawmen to vanquish your opponents and win the game
  • Download and play--absolutely free!